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No-code? No Problems

Configurable Management

“While Configurable Management has a vast array of SAP products, the company’s flagship product is Decisions for SAP Solutions™, a no-code development platform. This robust and versatile development platform is used to develop forms, workflows (including RPA), business rules, applications, and custom system interfaces via a drag and drop user interface. Utilizing out-of-the-box preprogrammed “steps,” the platform eliminates the need for programming.”

CIO Review, “20 MOst promising SAP solution providers” – AUGUST – 12 – 2021

I have known and admired Steven Branch for almost a decade now. He gave me my first sale once I branched into Business Development from SAP Basis. Since then, I have not hesitated to introduce Steven and his company, Configurable Management to my clients and partners looking for governance and automation solutions; they are all happy with the results. Steven brings a special brand of integrity and humble honesty to the discussion which we all appreciate.

Originally Steven represented one of the pioneers in the field of automation, but now has taken all of his experience, knowledge and his devotion to sound software development principles and emerged with a truly game-changing product (I realize a lot of people use the term, “game-changing” but this really is).

What impresses me most about the solution:

  • Seamless and asynchronous integration with SAP (and other platforms)
  • An Enterprise-Class Rules Engine
  • Server- vs User-Based Licensing

You don’t have to take my word for it; ask for a demo and judge it for yourself. Steven is the consummate demonstrator. He doesn’t bog you down with the details of how the program performs its miracles, he just shows you the miracles. As you listen to the demo you start to imagine how the product can solve problems with data workflow and save money by automating processes—no matter how many users you have.

I am proud to have Configurable Management as a client and honored to have a partner and friend like Steven Branch (but I don’t mind sharing) so please check out their solution. It’s an easy Decision: just press the button.