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3V as Enter Key on Querty keyboard

3V Solutions for SAP

Trusted Enterprise Support (TES)

“At its core, the 3V Solutions Trusted Enterprise Support program is a partnership between 3V and our SAP customers who are on or need to be on SAP maintenance for their SAP environment.”

3V Solutions Trusted Enterprise Support Program – Whitepaper

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Dendinger and Robert Doane of 3V Solutions for a few years now. 3V is an SAP Gold Partner and a Value Added Reseller (VAR) with an SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) practice that supports all of their value-added clients. This provides a layer of TLC between clients and SAP.

Currently there is an open enrollment period (closing at the end of Sept, 2021) called Trusted Enterprise Support (TES). This program allows SAP customers to transfer their maintenance license to 3V for as much as 30% off.

TES Details

Step 1. Right Size Current SAP Licenses—Know exactly how many licenses we are dealing with in what area and minimize maintenance spend.

Step 2. Calculate Trusted Enterprise Support Value—By right sizing the licenses we can calculate exactly what the savings back into your IT budget could be year by year. This calculation can be year by year or if you choose to pre-pay a maintenance contract for a two or three year contract, that benefit can be calculated and assumed immediately.

Step 3. Establish the Trusted Enterprise Support Contract—Based on the above calculation (step 2) a support contract is put in place for both parties, and SAP is notified and paid the maintenance fees they are due to keep compliant with the SAP Maintenance program.

Step 4. Deposit The Trusted Enterprise Support Customer Funds—fund amount calculated above are put in escrow with full visibility and access by the customer.

Step 5. Apply the Trusted Enterprise Support customer funds to your budget.

THERE IS STILL TIME, but the window is closing. Please contact 3V about this great opportunity today (click the Contact 3V button below). Click the button below to get in under the wire.

3V Solutions – Overview

Officially organized in 2010 as a business, 3V shares the DNA from an IBM VAR. The management team has been together since SAP initiated the reseller program in the 1990’s. In fact, 3V was the first North American Master Value Reseller for SAP in 2008. Now, with over 50 resellers and referral partners nationwide, 3V gained a deep understanding of SAP products and solutions, both on premise and cloud.

3V provides lots of SAP services to their VAR clients that are represented in bullet points 2 and 3 on my post, “I know a Guy.” Please check out that post and also refer to the What We Do page on their website.

With headquarters in Atlanta, GA, 3V embodies that ideal of Southern Hospitality. It shows in their customer care and in their commitment to SAP Best Practices standards. Not everyone can live up to the high bar set by SAP PCoE certification. It has been my pleasure to play a role in helping them earn this certification and their great reputation in the SAP Community.

Contact 3V Solutions today. Ask about TES and tell them I sent you.

Why go to Mygo?

Mygo Consulting, Inc.

Mygo Consulting is a boutique SAP gold partner that specializes in Supply Chain & Enterprise Mobility. Mygo also provides SAP-centric consulting, support, staffing, and training services. The company was founded in 2011 on the simple idea of providing a strong package of support and consulting services for SAP customers, both remotely and on-site, at an affordable rate, without compromising on quality.”

“Mygo” is a play on the SAP transaction MIGO (Movements In, Goods Out). Their specialty is Supply Chain so it made sense to name the company after the seminal SAP transaction for posting goods receipts. They have developed several SAP products that aid in managing the supply chain and they build mobility apps working with strong partners (like Zebra). The company is lead by President and CEO, Seshu Reddy.

Seshu has a long history in SAP consulting, both ABAP and Functional, and is one of the authors of the SAP Espresso Tutorials. He’s practical (from experience) and speaks his mind, with a humility that takes the edge off. He promotes a family culture at Mygo that keeps employees and clients loyal and, like most of my clients, he’s honest and does what he says—to a fault.

I first met the guys at Mygo at an ASUG Conference in Palatine, Illinois (not far from their US headquarters in Naperville). We worked as partners (I was with a Basis firm) for many projects. It was hard to tell where the two companies left off and the other began. That’s the culture: synergism. I’m glad to have joined the Mygo team, as have other partners. That’s how much we think of them.

Mygo Specializing in:

Satish, Director of Corporate Development, Mauricio, Director of Sales & Marketing, along with Tiger, the Rottweiler are all like family. I’m honored to be part of the bunch. Click the button below to join us.

No-code? No Problems

Configurable Management

“While Configurable Management has a vast array of SAP products, the company’s flagship product is Decisions for SAP Solutions™, a no-code development platform. This robust and versatile development platform is used to develop forms, workflows (including RPA), business rules, applications, and custom system interfaces via a drag and drop user interface. Utilizing out-of-the-box preprogrammed “steps,” the platform eliminates the need for programming.”

CIO Review, “20 MOst promising SAP solution providers” – AUGUST – 12 – 2021

I have known and admired Steven Branch for almost a decade now. He gave me my first sale once I branched into Business Development from SAP Basis. Since then, I have not hesitated to introduce Steven and his company, Configurable Management to my clients and partners looking for governance and automation solutions; they are all happy with the results. Steven brings a special brand of integrity and humble honesty to the discussion which we all appreciate.

Originally Steven represented one of the pioneers in the field of automation, but now has taken all of his experience, knowledge and his devotion to sound software development principles and emerged with a truly game-changing product (I realize a lot of people use the term, “game-changing” but this really is).

What impresses me most about the solution:

  • Seamless and asynchronous integration with SAP (and other platforms)
  • An Enterprise-Class Rules Engine
  • Server- vs User-Based Licensing

You don’t have to take my word for it; ask for a demo and judge it for yourself. Steven is the consummate demonstrator. He doesn’t bog you down with the details of how the program performs its miracles, he just shows you the miracles. As you listen to the demo you start to imagine how the product can solve problems with data workflow and save money by automating processes—no matter how many users you have.

I am proud to have Configurable Management as a client and honored to have a partner and friend like Steven Branch (but I don’t mind sharing) so please check out their solution. It’s an easy Decision: just press the button.